A note from our skipper:

I know you will be riveted to your seats when you hear the program for this year’s fall meeting/party. The plans are underway for a great event on Sunday, November 8, at the Indianapolis Sailing Club at Geist. Our own IN-House media correspondents are reporting that we will raise the bar this year with a state of the art location and an exciting presenter who at the young age of 27 has already amassed many awards and titles as a free style kayaker along with the coveted Kayaker of the Year award in 2012. If that doesn’t lure you aboard then how about a great pitch-in meal, and an eclectically styled swap-meet of paddling and camping gear. All this is available by just registering at marianndavis@aol.com.

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Throughout the year, our paddling membership is scattered in many different directions as each of us pursues our preferred kayaking venues — many of us never crossing paths. This event offers all of us the opportunity to come together under the common banner of recreational kayaking and share our stories, create new friendships and learn a little more about our organization. AND just have fun.

The new slate of Officers and Board of Directors will be presented and each member will have opportunity to vote for the 2016 Board. At least two weeks prior to this event, the membership will receive a copy of the slate for review for his/her vote.

Hope you will join me in celebrating the end of a successful 2015 paddling season and the start of another fantastic year for the Hoosier Canoe and Kayak Club. See you on November 8th.

I would love to see you on the water,
Mariann Davis
Skipper 2015


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