A note from our skipper:

June brings the official start of summer, the longest day of the year, marks the half way point of the calendar, and the HCKC open house at Geist! In addition to great trips almost every weekend, be sure to check the calendar and your email for exclusive training sessions offered by the club. If you would like to recommend a trip or be a trip sponsor on your fa- vorite river, please contact the appropriate section chair and we can get that arranged.

Not ready for the water yet? Remember, our pool sessions aren’t just for the white water section. For a mere ten bucks, you can practice getting back in your boat in the deep end to simulate a capsize in a large lake, practice or learn your roll in a sea kayak, or try out a white water boat and socialize. Pool sessions are on Wednesday nights. I hope you will take full ad- vantage of all the trips, classes, and fun we offer through-out the summer.

See you on the water!


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