A note from our skipper:

June brought us summer weather and the HCKC’s first open house at Geist park, where members and non-members alike were encouraged to try out all sorts of different boats. Look for the full write up in this month’s newsletter. The end of June and the full month of July bring some of the club’s most anticipated classic paddling trips: the Nanty in NC and Yough in PA for the whitewater folks, Cataract Falls and the Mammoth Cave overnight trip for the flatwater people, Arcadia National Park in Maine for the sea kayakers, and the Indi- ana Paddler’s Rendezvous for all paddlers from around the state.

If you have never been on any of these trips, it’s definitely recommended you try at least one of them. Also, please remember we always need volunteers to provide safety boats at Eagle Creek during the Tri- athlons throughout the summer to help keep the athletes safe during their swim, check out the article in the newsletter for more details. Hope to see you on the water at some point!


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