A note from our skipper:

The HCKC is progressing along at a heightened momentum in all 3 sections of the club. Thanks to the Section chairs: Natalie Needham, Jim Sprandel, Kellie Kaneshiro, Allison Sturtevant and Earl King for their continued successful efforts in helping provide exceptional trips and educational opportunities for our members. No trip would happen, however, without the ongoing volunteerism of our trip leaders…thank you all.

We are half way through the club year and we have just as many wonderful trips available until the end of our paddling season. Our website google calendar, on the right, is still the most reliable and concise information center for all our club trips. That’s not to say that individual email blasts aren't used frequently. We welcome your input…if we could do better in communication or there is a trip you would like the club to offer, please feel free to contact the trips’ chairperson or any member of the board…this is your club, your voice is important. Even if we don’t hear from you, we hope to see you on the water!

I would love to see you on the water,
Mariann Davis
Skipper 2015

Cagles Mill Water Fall

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