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"Flatwater" Fleet now "Canoe & Kayak" Fleet

24 Mar 2017 12:42 PM | Jim Sprandel (Administrator)

In January, Theresa Kulczak suggested that the word “Flat” in the term Flatwater Fleet could be the acronym for the Fun, Laughter, and Adventure Team. This is because the term “Flatwater” does not represent what we actually do, which is paddle long distances, maneuver around boulders, bounce through riffles, rapids, and wave trains; limbo under downed logs, avoid tree strainers, portage through mud and brush, take breaks on gravel bars, paddle year-round, and shuttle in crammed vehicles for many miles.

Flat? We’re anything but. There are so many great, beautiful, and memorable adventures to be had on the rivers and lakes . . . And with the time to paddle at your own pace, the awareness of the natural beauty of our streams, creeks, lakes and wildlife can be as powerful as any major rapid or wave, with casual conversation and laughter along the way leading to lifelong friendships. 

So, following the Board’s approval to change the name of the fleet, the designation of the “Flatwater” Fleet will change to the “Canoe & Kayak” Fleet. The abbreviation will appear as CK. (Yes, we understand that canoes are also paddled in whitewater, and kayaks are paddled in the sea kayak section; and, yes, there is some overlap in boat types among the fleets). We believe that “Canoe & Kayak” reflects the broad range of boats found on our trips, from recreational kayak to advanced solo canoe. You will begin seeing the “Canoe & Kayak” designation on the HCKC website, in trip announcements, and in club communications. We’re no longer flat . . . .

 Theresa Kulczak & Natalie Needham
HCKC Canoe & Kayak Fleet Co-Chairs 

Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club

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