A note from our skipper:

We have some great opportunities to volunteer at events that will promote the Hoosier Canoe & Kayak Club as well as get you out on the water working with people new to the sport. Great fun to be had!! And we have trip announcements for Fireworks, The White and Driftwood Rivers, and the 29th annual Indiana Paddlers Rendezvous as well as trip reports and a training opportunity.

Do you have an idea for a needed training program? Let me know and we will put it together if we can. Remember to check your club email as the Gates family is putting together a great trip—but you need to contact Dave Ellis for details as they need your reply asap. As always, please submit your trip reports, announcements and pictures for publication by the 17th of each month to Dwayne dwaynesjamesA1@hotmail.com

Jim Clendenin


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