A note from our skipper:

It’s me again…as promised, one of my selves will appear every month to deliver the “State of the Club” message to the HCKC paddlers: Today my message is “GREAT”…and I hope the membership feels the same way, for if you don’t share the same sentiment, please speak up and let us know what we can do better. As I have always said: this is your club and you have the only voice that matters. The club trips and instructional and, YES, volunteer offerings have been superb in all sections of the club. With our 2 ACA instructors, Dave Ellis and Jim Sprandel, rescue and skills classes have been offered and attendance has been strong. Remember, our club offers for free what other facilities offer for a fee: 30-50$ an hour. You gotta love free.

If you know someone who would be interested or benefit from these classes, please contact the HCKC or Dave Ellis or Jim Sprandel personally. We are eager to have enthusiastic and “skills ready” paddlers join our paddling membership. Most of all, though, we love to have fun…from eddying down a class II-III rivers, to surfing and paddling the vast areas of the Great or not so great lakes and an occasional ocean, and on to the Flat water secret offerings of hidden treasures of caves and waterfalls. You can experience all of this, if you get out and paddle with the club…

I would love to see you on the water,
Mariann Davis
Skipper 2015


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